Tracy Byrd performs Keeper of the Stars live from

A TEXAS Country Christmas Celebration

November 27, 2021 presented by Full Circle Moments, LLC

Our mission at Full Circle Moments, LLC is to offer a unique entertainment experience for music lovers by providing Live music entertainment that fosters Faith, Family, Friends and Fun, while working with companies that share the same core values.

Our Events

Nov 4, 2023
The Stateline Band with special guest Jillian Hudson

The Stateline Band merges honky-tonk with a rock'n'roll edge to create their self-proclaimed genre, Texas Dancehall Country. Originally formed by drummer Patrick Quain in 2003, lead singer Jody Dominguez would join the band in 2016 and the group would meet its current producer and fiddle player/vocalist Haydn Vitera (Asleep At The Wheel) in 2017 while opening for 90's Country icon Rick Trevino in San Angelo, TX.  Rounding out the current lineup are bassist/vocalist Scott Zajicek (Trent Willmon), guitarist Jeff James, steel guitarist Stan Scantling and drummer/vocalist Kris Gordon.



Nov 9, 2023
An Evening with Barry Corbin

Barry Corbin has been acting for more than six decades, a career that has seen him take more than two hundred roles onstage, on TV, and in the movies. They’ve mostly been supporting roles, often authority figures-a natural fit, given Barry’s large frame and confident presence. He’s played fifteen sheriffs, several generals, a few wise uncles, a swaggering astronaut, and a hard-core basketball coach. He’s also played psychotic patriarchs, wealthy Texans, Santa Claus, and Lyndon Johnson. Even when his characters are overbearing or murderous, Barry has always found a way to make them human and likable-so much so that he often steals the show, as he did portraying General Jack Beringer in WarGames and astronaut Maurice Minnifield in Northern Exposure. Known as a character actor, he always seems like he’s genuinely enduring whatever his character is enduring-while also somehow remaining Barry Corbin.

Leonard Barrie Corbin was born October 16, 1940, in the ranching and cotton town of Lamesa, sixty miles south of Lubbock. His paternal grandfather had moved to Lamesa from Lampasas in the twenties because he wanted to raise cotton and the land there looked good. “It was beautiful green country,” Barry says, “like the Garden of Eden.”

Barry’s parents, Kilmer and Alma Corbin, were schoolteachers who married young. Kilmer had been stricken by polio as a child, which limited the use of his right hand and left him unable to do farmwork. He developed into a bookish kid. Alma (who had been born in a covered wagon on the trip to Lamesa) named their first son after J. M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan. When Barrie reached school age, he became “Barry” to differentiate himself from a female classmate who had the same name.

Though his parents weren’t horse people, Barry spent summers at his grandfather’s, who put him in the saddle every day. He loved the feeling. “A horse wants to do whatever you want him to do,” Barry says. “If you want to compare it to being one entity, you’re the brain, and the horse is the body. So you’ve got to be in sync with the horse. Got to make him think whatever you’re gonna do is coordinated. And make him think it’s his idea. Then you get along.”

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FCMLLC is a women-owned “boutique” company. FCMLLC is not a booking agency”! Services go beyond just booking the artists. FCMLLC is the “go-to” company for organizing and promoting live music entertainment for concerts, private, fundraising, and corporate parties. The media “leg” of our business consists of marketing, branding & promoting primarily in the Texas Hill Country with growth plans to expand to other regions and states. We also host artists, fan and business interviews, and blogs.

Merlene Cox


Founded in 2021… what began as a dream and business plan to purchase a Ranch Multipurpose Venue in The Texas Hill Country fell apart before I could get the company formed. The ranch went off the market and with rising land & real estate prices, I was left without a venue or a business model. By the end of March, I knew it was time to develop a new plan & strategy. 

I hit the road for the first road trip that took me to five states and over 2000 miles in five days.  Driving to Branson, MO to see the “Country Rewind Tour” with Brian White, Darryl Worley, and Andy Griggs. With the main goal to meet Andy and apologize in person for canceling his performance in March and to let him know we would reschedule in the future. God

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